What is Podobi?

What do me mean with empowering voices that matters? Well, Podobi is a Podcasting company with a passion for important stories that has to be told. We have collected an eclectic team of podcasters that we will present during the next coming months, dealing with subjects as wide as the castles of Skåne, Microbreweries, and walking through Skåne-leden to series about what to do if someone close to you have died, or you just received tragic news of terminal diseases. We plan to start an Inter-faith series where different religions will meet and discuss what brings them together instead of what sets them apart. In fall we will hopefully start the big series of having artists telling their own story instead of constantly answer the same questions in interview after interview. We are thrilled to finally get everything started and we hope you will be as excited to join the ride as we are.


Podobi podcasts and videocasts never tries to sensationalize or spread gossip. We will never condone trolling or mobbing. We aim to present interesting people and subjects with a great appeal to a majority of listeners. We have been and are searching for podcasters that either have lived though or accumulated knowledge on the subjects we have decided to cover under the Podobi umbrella.


Our podcasters draw their stories from real-life experiences, they serve as inspirational tales that will remind you of the similarities in your own life. It is their interests and hobbies that have generated their knowledge that has made us ask them to do podcasts through us.


For many of our podcasters all they share is what they themselves went through, or their hobbies that started with themselves. We pride ourselves of having handpicked our podcasters, we have shunned away from sensationalism and loud mouthed egomaniacs. Our podcasters are passionate about their stories and wish to bring you as close as possible for an intimate listening.