Winter in Skåne Nature – Vedema strövområde – Skåneleden 2 & Off-Trail – Day 1 (by Guillaume Hullin)

By the time I’m posting this video, the temperature here has jumped +30C.
It will not come to a surprise to anybody that knows me or follow me since a while… I love winter and snow! Where most people are reluctant to go outdoors for overnight below freezing temperature, I love it… it add to the trip this challenge and “refreshing” feeling.
I went out with Andi (who just started on YouTube by the way:
Even tough it can’t be seen on the video, it was a really interesting trip because Andi has a more “natural”, if I may say, approach to outdoors… he would stand with his tarp and summer bag below zero Celcius temperature and I would just bring on the gear I carefully selected which will make my tent even more confortable than a house (if you take in consideration that I have the view). He wrote a blog article about this trip, I really enjoyed seeing his view point on it:

Watch the travelogue related to this hike:
Winter Camp with @outdoors_andy — Travelogue #029

Check out Andy:

More info:

Movescount Move (GPS tracking):

Music by Epidemic Sound (
Filmed with:
Sony ActionCam FDR-X1000V + Feiyutech SPG Gimbal
iPhone 7 Plus
DJI Mavic Pro

Edited with DaVinci Resolve 14

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