Winter in the Cabin of Raslången – Östafors-Bökestad – Skåneleden 1 – Day 1 (by Guillaume Hullin)

Video which should have been finished long ago but here it is… back to winter time, before snow storm period but still quite below zero Celsius. I will remember this hike specially for the night sky view I got near the lake (unfortunately my cameras are not sensitive enough to catch good stills of it)… but seeing the Milky Way while drinking a coffee in the middle of nowhere… priceless moment.

Watch the travelogue related to this hike:
Winter Hike & Smoke Grenade — Travelogue #026

More info:

Movescount Move (GPS tracking):

Music by Epidemic Sound (
Filmed with:
Sony ActionCam FDR-X1000V
iPhone 7 Plus
DJI Mavic Pro

Edited with DaVinci Resolve 14

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